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Latest Updates:


Latest Updates:

The Demonic Section is being updated.


Latest Updates:

Azazel's Page with Advanced Information by High Priest Hooded Cobra 666 is now live. Click here to read more about the Great Azazel.

Minor retouching of the Demons Index Page [more to come].


Minor Update 1:  Satanic Symbols Page (will be updated with many more Satanic Symbols and explanations about them) - click here.
Minor Update 2:  Lord Azazel's Page first update (Big update with Advanced Knowledge & Hieratic Information is coming in the next couple of days) - click here.


Due to extensive online censorship and the threats going on in the United States and the Western World against our freedoms and financial freedoms, the Joy of Satan from now on will accept donations through Cryptocurrency. The ever rising threat of censorship in the United States and Western World is rising exponentially as time goes by. The Joy of Satan is not afraid to state the truth and this will never change. Satanism is about freedom.

Due to the above reality, Cryptocurrencies are now the preferred way to donate. Everyone is advised to use Cryptocurrency instead and to start moving away from mainstream processors for this. It's very easy to buy, send, donate and to store cryptocurrency.

To notify us about a donation, ask any related question about how to donate, or if you want to donate in other Cryptocurrencies than the one given below, don't hesitate to mail us at

To donate, click here.


Message from High Priest Hooded Cobra 666:

All of the website content will now be updated and brought up to date step by step. This includes also new and important information that will complete the JoS, meditations, instructions, knowledge about the Gods etc.

Latest Update:


Message from High Priest Hooded Cobra 666:

The entire site has been updated. In addition to many grammar corrections, there are also some big structural updates. This has been the ground and framework upon which now we will proceed with most anticipated content updates.

We thank wholeheartedly the brother Soaring Eagle 666, as he did major labor so that this project would be actualized. Lydia, other members who have contributed with finding bugs or mistakes, and of course Satanic Eagle for the graphics which have been redone and polished.

This should act as testament and example of what we can collectively achieve. Most won't understand the massive amount of work that this took out of people, especially Soaring Eagle who created a perfect back-end for all the HTML pages, search etc.

 I have overseen the operation and made sure the styling and everything that made the JoS beautiful, classic and gave it it's character, has remained unaltered. The website is now also more phone friendly, appealing and beautiful, without sacrifice of it's classic character. [half of the users of the internet are connected by their phones].

The official announcement of the update can be read by clicking here.



Message from High Priestess Maxine Dietrich:
It is a sad fact that some idiots have nothing better to do with their time and have no real 'life' of their own, that they have to put energy, time and effort into impersonating me online.

The former Joy of Satan Yahoo Groups are no longer functional. We can no longer moderate them, Yahoo has ruined all of these groups.

Joy of Satan Ancient Forums: is open to everyone. You don't have to sign up as these are open to the public.


The Lycos/Angelfire server shut down the entire Joy of Satan main website. Shutdowns by servers are nothing new to us. This accounts for all of the broken links, as I've had enough sense over the years not to put everything on one website, but on as many as possible. That way, they don't all go down. We are working to fix these. We are doing everything we can to get everything up and running again. The enemy has attacked us relentlessly upon our exposing them. This includes how they hooked a bomb under my car in 2006.

Satan told me April 30th 2004 "There will be many attempts on your life. Most of these you will never know about. NONE of these will succeed. But know one thing: THEY WILL ALL KNOW ME."

In addition, one morning several years ago, I woke up to voices in my living-room. There were FBI agents conversing with my husband, relating how they intercepted an enemy intent to murder the both of us.

Getting back to the websites, if you experience looping or if your browser directs you to the angelfire page, you have to clear your cache. It is a sad fact that the enemy is and has been doing everything they can to take control of and ruin the internet. The enemy has had control over 96% of the media for decades. Only since the internet, has there been any opportunities for real free speech. Many years ago, when the internet was fairly new, back around 2002, when I first put up the Joy of Satan website, everything was so different. Everything was user friendly from the Yahoo e-groups to free and easy to use online email. Web servers back in those days were much different as well. Most had readily available HTML coding and other coding, providing user friendliness and flexibility when establishing a website. All of that has changed for the worse. This also includes PCs. Years ago, one could purchase a new PC, bring it home, turn it on and configure it, etc. Now, one must "register" and provide all kinds of demanded personal information to even have any functional access on WHAT ONE PAID FOR. The JEW DEMANDS TO KNOW!

"Just as [YHVH's] people cannot see you, you cannot see them, but they will manifest blatantly as the Earth draws closer to the climax of our cause."
- Amdusias (One of our Pagan Gods)
His personal statement given to the Joy of Satan Ministry in the year 2003.

What Lucifuge Rofocal (One of our Pagan Gods) related to HP Hooded Cobra recently was very alarming. Lucifuge Rofocal's planet was destroyed. They all received the implant. When this flash-over point occurs, all is lost. Lucifuge Rofocal managed to escape with some others. This accounts for why the Grey extraterrestrials have a blatant microchip in their heads that those deep in a meditative state can see when looking into their big bug eyes.